Realization of "Major Projects" and Lifecycle-Management of Large Plants & Infrastructure in Africa

The UNCTAD World Investment Forum 2018 in October in Geneva showed, that there is an enormous need for sustainable investments on the African continent and for sure, now there is finally a great interest in Europe to support the structural economic development with investments and industrial & organizational know-how / resources: -> How to achieve a sound and sustainable realization of major projects and cooperation / collaboration in the interest of all stakeholders? What are the challenges to deliver sustainable and efficient operational and maintenance services?

Which could be potential solutions of collaboration supported by new digital platforms? and how to develop and ramp-up know-how and competencies in the African countries?

There is a general understanding, that there is really a very profound need to improve the value of major project management in all domains worldwide, underlined by publications of McKinsey (“Capital Project Value Improvement in the 21st century: Trillions of $ in the offing”, July 2018) and of the university of Oxford (handbook, early 2018). 

Objectives and Challenges in Major Project / Program Management

  • Delivery of quality in time and budget is absolutely key, however quasi never achieved!
  • Solutions and major project support services should start already in the project development phase to control the tendering / bid and later the construction / execution phases up to the commissioning for operations & maintenance -> Lifecycle view!
  • Continuous and uncontrolled Change-Management should be today a “No-Go”
  • The platform must be open to all stakeholders and partners: Owners, public authorities, investors (public, private), financiers, suppliers, operators, services management, etc.
  • The countries parliaments (owners?) should also be involved to secure consistency and sustainability of the development to support their control of progress for communication to their people
  • Progress and results must be transparent also to the public to win a sound acceptance of the development in the countries and of their people
  • Win European authorities and governments through transparency on progress and sustainability to assure continued supply of funding for the development projects.

Competencies of Major Project / Program Managers in Africa:

  • A top "Major Project Manager" should be a very strong program manager with the competencies as “Ambassador” of the project: Generalist, International and African competencies,
  • Bridging Europe & Africa with international competencies, education and skilling of people in these projects,
  • Support and develop timely economic and political impacts for the countries and their people
  • Common integrated collaboration platform to support management & business controlling as well as guidance, support and skilling of the local operational & field services

How could we support and enable the Management & Controlling of Major Projects in Africa?

In cooperation with a partner-firm, we could support these very complex business, organzational & technical challenges through a very innovative solutions suite!

Within a project for the identification of potential corporate partners, we support our partner-firm of the sector „Major Capital-Investment Project- & Plant- / Asset- Lifecycle Management“ for the  realization of sustainable international growth. 

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