Energy Efficiency Management: Consulting & Engineering Services Modules for end-to-end Customer Services

Client Situation
The goal of our client was to introduce an innovative SolarCooling solution into the markets with focus on real estate, industrial and agricultural customers in "sunbelt" countries, where the impact should be most significant. The technology was proven, however customizing and services were not part of the offering. Subsequently we faced two challenges: 

  • Consulting & engineering services were included in the solution and therefor mostly not payed for with a negative impact on profitability
  • Technology solutions with service duration of up to 20 years need liable local maintenance services, which were not part of the offering. Consequently the investments of potential customers were not assured through services during life time, leading to a very low closing rate and to the additional problem of getting access to export finance (buyers credits).

Subsequently the expected growth could not be achieved with consequences on profitability and financing of the company. 

Development of separate "Energy Efficiency Consulting & Engineering" modules based on a consulting framework for improving the customer understanding getting closely involved with customers and their challenges.
The framework is based on the customers`value chains and the energy (support) processes & infrastructures with their related impacts on the value generation. 

Client Benefits
The customer effect was twofold: specific offering with a separate billing for consulting / engineering and
excellent customer insight view for more customer specific technology solutions & services with defined benefits & impacts ⇒ from a push to a pull customer approach.
Based on these frameworks, the alignment to international partners along the value chain was enabled by supporting the collaboration for business development and for a well structured common delivery of solutions and operational services.
Furthermore the initially technology focused engineering was enriched and integrated with business & process consulting. These insight views supported also the negotiations for contracting & financing of the solutions & services offered. 

Please find below a brief overview on this project. 

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